Wendy Dolan

Wendy Dolan is coming to the Summer School for the first time in 2018. Wendy is offering two 2-day workshops.

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Architecture in stitch

BRLSI 20-21 August

Architecture is the inspiration for this workshop – doors, windows, arches, etc. Natural fabrics will be pieced, layered and stitched to create a textured background. This textured surface will then be painted and worked into with machine, or hand embroidery, or both. Suitable for all levels of ability.

In the meadow – layer, paint and stitch

BRLSI 23-24 August

Inspired by the meadow flowers project in my book ‘Layer, Paint and Stitch’ you will layer and machine stitch natural fabrics and trimmings. This textured background will be painted and then worked into with freehand machine embroidery creating a meadow of flowers. Suitable for all levels of ability.

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