Isobel Hall

Isobel Hall will be offering two very exciting 2-day workshops on working with cocoon strippings to create books or bags with medieval inspiration.

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Working with cocoon strippings

BRLSI 20-21 August

Making cocoon stripping paper from cocoon strippings is easy and inexpensive. Creating your own fabric to colour and embellish is an exciting process. On this action-packed workshop we will make the paper to a required thickness and then add colour and texture. The inspiration will be medieval art and the resulting fabric can be used for a book cover or it can be made for wearable art such as a clutch bag or jewellery.

Day one will be spent making and colouring the paper. Day two will be spent either continuing to make pages for the book or designing the bag. Alternatively students may wish to create a vessel from cocoon strippings.

Stitching round a cast

BRLSI 23-24 August

Make a 3D item of your choice. Begin by creating a cast made from scrim and thin papers that are bonded using CMC paste. When the cast is dry use a variety of techniques that are explained by the tutor to transform your cast using stitch. It is suggested that more than one cast is prepared on day one. Casts formed on the mould should not narrow at the top. This will enable you to remove it from the cast and allow stitching.

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