Rosi Robinson

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A Painterly Approach to Batik or Capturing the World in Wax and Dye

BRLSI 21-22 August

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Explore traditional and modern techniques of batik with Rosi Robinson and discover how they can be developed into both pictorial art forms or purely expressive abstract designs. This workshop is designed for all levels to explore a variety of approaches to this traditional Far Eastern resist technique of decorating fabric, using hot liquid wax and fibre-reactive dyes. You will be amazed at how versatile and adaptable batik is.

During the workshop you will explore different waxing techniques and application of colour on a variety of fabrics (mainly cotton) by both direct dyeing (hand-painting) and by dip-dyeing. You will be shown how to develop a batik ‘painting’- i.e. how to build up layers of colour whilst capturing detail in wax at each stage. You will learn how to fix the dyes; how to discharge and reapply colour and how to remove the wax at the end of the process. On the second day, each student will work on their own personal designs.

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Wise owlThe groves houseSri Lankan boatsSound of galloping horsesRosi Robinson studentReflection of wharfGreenouse at Down HouseGondolierAfter the race