Rachael Kinnison 2019

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Workshop 1: Pretty Ladye – a practice in 17th century beaded raisedwork techniques

3 days: 12th-14th August

Students will work a bust within a cartouche, inspired by several extant 17th century silkwork pieces. This class is a Mystery Class, with a final project similar, but not exactly like, the lid of my flat-top casket. Rachel will be focusing on 17th century raisedwork (modernly referred to as Stumpwork), worked on a fabric ground entirely with beads.

Workshop 2: Bath Bunny – a practice in 17th century beaded raisedwork animals

3 days: 15th-17th August

In the ‘Bath Bunny’ class, students will learn the basic technique of working up animals as a slip on a base of felt padding. Techniques will include twilling (peyote) over base padding as well as detached pieces, couching, stringing and louping. A familiarity with peyote stitch is required for this class. You need not be an expert, but a prior understanding of how this stitch works is essential.  All beads, thread, needles, and silk satin will be supplied in the class kit.


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Other information

Price: The price for each 3 day course is £330.

Location: We will be based in the light-filled rooms of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute in the centre of Bath (BA1 2HN).

How to book: Use our online booking form.