Anna Scott

Raised embroidery level two

Holburne Museum 22-24 August

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We are delighted that Anna Scott from Australia is able to come back to give a gorgeous 3-day class in Figurative Raised Embroidery.

Class description

Raised embroidery level two is an exciting challenge if you have some experience in the technique and are looking to further your knowledge and perfect your skills.

Often referred to as stumpwork, raised embroidery is an exciting embroidery technique, very popular in the mid-17th century. This type of embroidery uses a wide variety of stitches and techniques to create raised areas and three dimensional effects. It is one of my favourite embroidery techniques because it offers you the opportunity to discover and incorporate an almost endless selection of stitches and techniques into your embroidery.

My Brother Rabbit was largely inspired by William Morris’ ‘Brer Rabbit’ pattern and combined with exotic blooms similar to those I use in my crewel embroidery designs. The Rabbit’s body is first embroidered onto a separate piece before being applied onto the main embroidery and sculpted into shape. Wire edged ears and a fluffy tail completes the plump rabbit. The rabbit is resting under raised flowers and leaves, formed by wire and needle lace and a bunch of wrapped bead berries.

During this class you will learn and explore some of the many raised embroidery techniques traditionally used for raised embroidery, such as using wire for foliage, basic needlelace techniques and how to create highly raised areas by applying separately embroidered pieces over felt padding. You will also learn how best to transfer the delicate designs onto the different parts of the piece.

To get the most from this class it is important that you are comfortable stitching with very fine threads and that you have some experience in raised embroidery.

The kit for Anna’s class will be available at a cost of AU$90 (price in pounds available nearer the start date).

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