Janet Bolton

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BRSLI 23-24 August

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Janet is giving a 2-day workshop, which she describes below:

‘One of the aims of my workshop is to give each student the confidence to work directly with the fabrics to hand. This means that with an idea in mind, the textures and colour combinations will be selected from available fabrics rather than be composed in another medium (i.e. paint, paper) and then transposed into the fabric work. We will discuss compositional ideas, subject matter, and the choice of suitable materials old and new. We will explore the idea of allowing the composition to develop and change as the work progresses, emphasising the wonderful freedom and directness of way of working, right up to the very last stitch. I will demonstrate “needle turning” techniques used to finalise the shape of the different components, the placing of those components, and the use of thread as a drawn line. I will have with me originals of my own work, and also a selection of pieces at different stages of development. I also have various pieces that in my opinion have not been successful; these have led to many an interesting discussion!’

The main aim is to encourage students to “follow their own star”, to work to please themselves, following their personal likes and dislikes on the route to finding their own voice.

The actual techniques are very simple, hand sewing at all stages. Each student will be give as much individual help as they need, particularly at the early compositional stage. After the general introduction the whole emphasis will be on individual tuition.

The days will include advice on presentation of work including framing, and will end with a group discussion on the works produced.

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