Jenny Adin Christie

Jenny is offering two 4-day classes next year so that more people have the chance to come! Either August 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th, or August 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th. Both classes are the same and offer the choice of either The Blackwell Roundel or the Lakeland Odyssey.

You will be able to select one of two designs inspired by the beauty of Arts and Crafts design – a period when traditional hand embroidery was celebrated as a means of artistic expression and embellishment and beautification of useful household items.

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Arts and crafts inspired embroidery

Holburne Museum 13, 14, 16 & 17 August or 20, 21, 23 & 24 August

The Blackwell Roundel

The first design Blackwell Roundel is based on the interior of the White Drawing Room at Blackwell House in the Lake District. This room is filled with beautiful sculpted wood carving and plaster work, depicting the stylized flora and fauna of the British countryside. The embroidery design uses a wide range of stitch techniques including: white work eyelets and shadow work, shadow appliqué, silk work, metal thread work, beading and padding techniques, all worked on a ground of sheer silk organza. The completed piece is suspended over a void behind, allowing the viewer to see through the piece, and thus creating a greater sense of depth.

The completed piece can be framed as a picture, or it will be possible to order a choice of round wooden box with lid aperture, or the larger Arts and Crafts style wooden work-box pictured. The boxes create a usable item from the work, in the true fashion of the period. The work-box includes opening compartments in the lid and reverse, a drawer at the base and a pincushion top.

Kit price £110.00 (excluding wooden boxes/frames)

The Lakeland Odyssey

The second design option is titled Lakeland Odyssey. This is inspired by the stunning book cover designs of the Arts and Crafts period, which turned the cover of the book into a work of art itself.

The image is based on the Lake District region of the UK, a region beloved of leading lights of the Arts and Crafts period such as John Ruskin, who founded the Ruskin lace industry. The panel depicts a classic Lakeland scene of Yew Tree Farm, which was the film setting for the famed ‘Miss Potter’.

The embroidery includes a broad mix of techniques including appliqué of ‘Extravorganza’, silk work, raised work stitches, use of silk gimp, application of ‘bookcloth’ and traditional English wool tweed, and metal thread work.

The completed design can be mounted onto the front cover of a traditionally bound hand-made book (which can be ordered), or can of course be framed as a picture.
Kit price £110 (excluding hand made books/frames)

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