Linda Miller

"Using a sumptuous array of threads you will learn how to translate your design
into your very own picture of stitches..."

Linda Miller

Making Pictures in Free Machine Embroidery

2 days: 20th-21st August   Fee: £230

Come along with your sewing machine and join Linda to make a picture in free machine embroidery stitch. Using a sumptuous array of threads in a variety of colours and thicknesses, and working with your own sewing machine, you will learn how to translate your original design into your very own picture of stitches. The workshop is suitable for all levels from the beginner to the more experienced stitcher. It is a real confidence booster!

What students will achieve

Working at your own individual pace, each student will gain further knowledge and confidence in developing stitching techniques and working with colour and textures to create pictures in this exciting medium of free machine embroidery. Bring along a drawing, picture or a photograph that inspires you – inspiration can be taken from the world around you, with themes such as seaside, landscape, still life illustrations and patterns in nature. Students will be guided through all aspects of creating a design, placing imagery, incorporating a background and a foreground into their design and how to finish and present their work to its full and deserved potential.