Lorna Bateman Floral class

"Arrange silk ribbon flowers and freehand sculpted blooms to give your bouquet
its own individual look..."

Lorna Bateman

Bouquet Vintage

2 days: 23rd-24th August 2021   Fee: £230

A new tutor for Summer School, Lorna’s passion is sharing her designs and embroidery techniques. Her teaching has taken her all over the world, including the French Alps, USA, South Africa, Russia and Ireland. For this class Lorna is taking inspiration from the inspiring botanical illustrator Lys de Bray.

What students will achieve

You will create a bouquet incorporating silk ribbon techniques, as well as freehand sculptured flowers on buckram, raised and textured stitches, as well as stumpwork techniques. The design is screen printed onto the fabric, which allows for you to arrange the 3D flowers to give the bouquet its own individual look. Although the piece has been designed to be framed, students will also be able to learn how to create their own brooch/corsage from the sculptured flowers.

Class kit

Lorna's specially designed kit includes printed fabric, muslin backing, ribbons, threads, needles, beads and stamens, felt, stuffing, stitch glossary, instructions and colour photographs. Price £99.95.